One day’s wins for the Wistwin dogs and their great owners! 

Left to right: Alyssa Fenton and Rhys, Shelly Threlkeld, Tango and Piper, Debbie Miller and Destiny. 

We are proud of the Wistwin dogs who are doing so well in agility, obedience, therapy, rally and herding.

Their owners have done a fantastic job of training and loving them.  

Here are some of the Wistwin Performance Stars.


Agility  Champions

ADCH APD MACH2 Vers-NATCH2 NATCH2 PDCH Wistwin Jedi Lightsaber XF CL4-R CL4-H CL4-S CL4-F

TSAD TMAG TM-Bronze JCH-Bronze SCH SCh-Bronze RC-Bronze LAA-Bronze PJCH PKCH

(Woodlands White Ti 'N' Tail  ex  Wistwin Hot Ice)
Jedi belongs to Pam Vermeer. Jedi was 2004 USDAA Performance Grand Prix 2nd Place,  
 and 2005 USDAA Performance National Standard 2nd Place.  
Jedi is now retired.   

MACH 10 Wistwin Winter At The Beach

(Ch. Toven Wintertide  ex  Camoon Beachcomer Spc'l Dividend)

Sydney is owned and trained by Barbara Bicksler. Among their many achievements are:

 USDAA Titles: Over 60 titles in both Championship and Performance programs including:

Agility Dog Champion (ADCH), Accomplished Performance Dog - Bronze, Lifetime Achievement Award- Silver.

  Agility Top 10: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

  Performance Top 10: 2008, 2009, 2010

 Flyball:  Flyball Grand Champion 70,000 points 

Ranked #4 Shetland Sheepdog, North American Flyball Assn (2 years after retirement)


AKC/USA World Agility Team - 2003, 2004 and 2006  

(Top row, 2nd from left)

AKC National Agility Trials:

2005 & 2006 - Finalist, 12" Division

2007 - 3rd place, International class 14" Division; 1st place, State Team Tournament

2009 - 4th place, 12" Division

USDAA World Cynosport Championships:

2005: 5th place Grand Prix Finals 16" division, and 4th place Team Tournament Finals

2006: 7th place, Steeplechase Finals, 16" division

2007 & 2008: Performance National Champion, 12" Division

2010 (at the age of 13): 7th place, Performance Team finals

MACH 4 Wistwin Destiny Maker XF

(Wistwin Intrigue ex Wistwin Tophat Mezzanotte)

Des belongs to Debbie Miller, and is still actively pursuing further titles.  She consistently places well.

MACH 4 Wistwin Anthem MXB2 MJG2 OF

(Wistwin Adonis  ex  Wistwin The Starlet)

Annie belongs to Bob Jordan.  For six consecutive years (2009 - 2014), she has qualified for AKC Agility Nationals.

She is now working on her next MACH.  She is also doing well in USDAA competition.

MACH 2 ADCH TACH Wistwin Micro Whirlwind XF SACH SCH TSAD TG3


(Dundee Arizona ex Wistwin Up Tempo)

Windy belongs to Pam Vermeer.  They qualified for AKC World Team Tryouts in 2012, and you can see some of her

runs on Pam Vermeer's Facebook page.   Here is a link you can copy and paste to watch one of the runs:

MACH Wistwin Dancin' The Tango CD RN OF

(Can.Ch. Autumngold Laureate Alabama  ex  Wistwin My Romance)

 Tango belongs to Shelly Threlkeld.  He is working on his MACH 2, and mentoring his

little sable housemate Wistwin Zing Went My Heartstrings (see below.)

MACH 2 Wistwin Gotta Have Heart MXB MJS

(GCh Dan Dee One From The Heart ROM ex Wistwin Antigua)

Brodie is owned by Stephanie Spencer and is her first Sheltie, joining a household

of English Cockers.   He is full of joy and is very fast. He earned his MACH in March 2014.


MACH Wistwin Surf's Up At Maui MXB MJG XF

(Ch. Wistwin Adagio  ex  Wistwin Antigua)

Surf belongs to Pat Wallace, and they completed his MACH in August 2014. 

He has an AKC champion sister, Ch Wistwin Soleil.

Agility Champions  / Rainbo Bridge

MACH 3 Dancing Pied Piper CDX RN MXP2 MJP2\

(Ch. Macdega Asterisk ROM  ex  Wistwin Shelet Iridescent)

 Piper and his owner Shelly Threlkeld started when agility was still a very new sport, and learned together.

  I was fortunate to be there where Piper earned his MACH 2, it was very exciting!

 Piper's mom "Shimmer" was the foundation for almost all the Wistwin blues and blacks.


Rising  Stars 

Ch Wistwin With Good Rhyson AX AXJ MJP2 NF

(Ch. Oakdale Honeyhill Headliner  ex  Wistwin Romantic)

Rhys is the first Wistwin dog with titles at both ends.  He belongs to Alyssa Fenton, DVM.

Wistwin Ezekiel MX MXJ AXP AJP OF NFP

(Wistwin Intrigue  ex  Wistwin Fashionably Late)

Zeke belongs to Sara Peterson, and he is working on his MACH.

Wistwin's Vernal Equinox AX MXJ MJB OAP OF CL2-R CL2-H CL2-F CL3-S


Spring belongs to young Ashlynn and they are doing a wonderful job competing.  They just finished his Open Preferred title.

Wistwin Zing My Heartstrings  CD RA PT MX MXJ MJB XF T2B

(GCh Dan Dee One From The Heart ROM ex Wistwin Antigua)

Zing is a little speed demon and is flying through his titles.  He belongs to Shelly Threlkeld and Bill Watson,

and lives with Tango and the collies.  He is also doing well at learning to herd sheep and ducks.

                                                                                  Stewart Event Photography

Wistwin Sandyhills Go 4 Broke OA OAJ OF RE CL3-F CLE-H CL3-5 SG

(Ch. Shadow Hills Double Eagle  ex   Wistwin Goodnight Sweetheart)

The lightning fast Bryce is owned by Sandra Hellberg.  In addition to agility, he has assumed

responsibility as the official babysitter for Sandra's new (human) baby boy Jordan.   In most

of the pictures of Jordan, there also is Bryce.



               Wistwin Short Stack Sally  OA, OAJ                      Wistwin Ride The Wild Surf CD AX

                                                                                                        OAP AJP PD1 PJ1 PG1 PK1

        (Am/Can Ch Wistwin Andante ex Wistwin Send A Dozen)              (Wistwin Frosty Looks ex Wistwin Romantic)

Sally and Surfer are owned and shown by Jane and Don Lambert. 


Wistwin Blossom NA OAJ

(Ch. Wilwinn Heart O'Gold  ex  Ch. Wistwin Sunday Best)

Blossom is Margaret Davis' first agility Sheltie, and they have had a lot of fun putting on the titles.

Certified  Therapy Dogs

Wistwin's RumRunner Exhuberance NA OAJ

(Norwood Know How  ex  Wistwin The Starlet)

Bounce became Delta-certified in 2010. 

Ch Wistwin Ireland's Blue Willow

(Ch Sea Haven Sharper Image ex Wistwin Alize')

China, in addition to being a champion and the dam of 2 champions,

is also TDI certified ( Therapy Dogs International.)

Therapy Dogs  / Rainbow Bridge  

Wistwin Hot Ice

(Ch. Macdega Candray Cartel  ex  Wistwin Shelet Iridescent)

Our darling Icy passed away in 2010.   Icy was Delta certified, and she enjoyed the nursing home visits. 

  Grandmother to 2 champions, in her retirement years Icy was owned and trained by Moreen Jacobsen.



                                                                                                                                                  photo by Diane Lewis

HC MACH 2 BraeCarel Shepherd's Heart UD RAE AXP AJP

(sired by Am/Can.Ch. Wistwin Andante ex Brae Carel's Dinah Lee)

born Christmas Day 2001

Shep was bred by Becky Elliott and is owned by Nancy and Roger Akers, but we feel he is part of the

Wistwin family since he is an Andy son.  In only three years, Shep became the 31st Sheltie to earn his

Herding Championship in June 2011. In his herding career he has had 6 HIT (2 in advanced classes), 1 Reserve HIT, 17 firsts, and 7 2nds.  Shep is also working on a PAX in agility. 

Shep is a certified Therapy Dog as well.

At the 2009 ASSA National,  Shep won the MOST VERSATILE SHELTIE award, with his

performances in agility, herding and obedience.


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