June 2016:

Really behind on my updates.  Ticker now has 23 champions!  Helen Lee's boy Eli became Ch Wistwin Morningstar Allied Hearts yesterday, all owner handled.  And Ch Solange Suggestive finished her championship earlier this year, to be #22.

Wistwin Violet Hill has been doing wonderful winning this spring, and as of yesterday she has 11 points both majors.

Ch Wistwin Lucky In Love's first litter, out of our Somerhaven Picture Perfect, was a hit with 7 beautiful puppies. 2 are in show homes, 2 staying here, 1 in agility home, and 1 in performance/possible show home depending on size.  Thrilling litter...my two are Wistwin Face First (Mackenzie) and Wistwin Mad About Saffron.  


                          Mackenzie                                                                            Saffron

There have been a lot of great agility achievements in the Wistwin dog family, and I will need to get caught up on posting those very soon!

April 2016:

It is with heavy heart that I announced that Ticker passed away at the age of 11 1/2 years old.  He was a once in a lifetime dog, whose beauty and spirit made him known across the USA and even into other countries.  There will never be another quite like him...but some comfort comes to me in seeing his beautiful descendents who resemble him and have his irrepressible joy for life.

February 6, 2016:

Happy that Wistwin Cerise has her pretty litter of 6 (3 m, 3 f) by Ch Wistwin Just Whistle.  One boy is my favorite at birth..beautiful head and expression. 

January 2016: 

Thrilled to report that two more Ticker kids finished this month-  Ch Caprock's Dispensing Sweetness and Ch Caprock's Sugar Daddy.  That makes 21 champions for Ticker!

November 2015:

I am really behind on updating my website!   It has been a nice year...Ticker has 4 new champions this year:  Ch Shalamar Wistwin Scrumptious, Ch Wistwin Lucky In Love, Ch Solange Shalamar Innovation, and Ch Ireland's Heart of Paradise.  My two girls from GCh Wistwin Tickertape ROM began their show careers this year, and both have three points so far.  Lucky and Demi both placed in their class at the National in April, and my little Ticker daughter Wistwin Another Lil Piece O My Heart (Jannie) won the ASSA Futurity 6-9 Puppy Bitch class.   

On a sadder note, Ch Wistwin-Primo Arctic passed away here at the age of almost 13.  He was a real classic, and the very sweetest of fellows.

March 29:

RWB yesterday, and then first 2 points today, for Wistwin Camera Ready in Nevada!  Cami was shown by her coowner Doug Parry.


This month, Wistwin Porcelain Doll won Best  in Sweeps at the Central Ohio SSA.   Congrats to Chyna and her coowner/handler Therese Walters!

January 18:

It is now Grand Champion Wistwin Tickertape ROM.  Susie finished her GCh today in Maryland.  And she got a Group 3 along the way!

January 17, 2015:

Champion #16 for Ticker..  it is now Ch Solange Shalamar Innovation.  Congratulations to Suzi Beacham and Linda Nicholas!

And Susie (Ch Wistwin Tickertape ROM) in the past two weeks has won 2 more majors toward her Grand Championship, plus 4 singles, two Best of Breeds over Specials, and a GROUP 2 ! 

December 30:

The good news is that Innovation now has 12 pts 1 major; and that Ch Wistwin Rejoice has 6 puppies born 12/13/14 by Ch Karosel Sunset In The Money.  The bad news is that I am having to hand raise the puppies.

November 24:

Ticker kids are doing well..Palmer now has 4 points, and so does Solange Shalamar Innovation (Ticker ex Signi) who belongs to Suzi Beacham and coowner/breeder Linda Nicholas..

October 26:

An exciting day...Wistwin America's Sweetheart (Shirley) was WB for a major today..she is owned by D'Anne Sherbrooke, and is a Johnny daughter out of Wistwin Bless Her Heart....   and Wistwin Morningstar Allied Hearts was WD from the puppy class for his first two points. Eli is owned by Helen Lee and is a Ticker/Sally puppy.

October 18:

Wistwin Heartline (Palmer) was RWD in a 4 point entry today at the Triangle SSC specialty under judge Robin McTaggart.  WD was a lovely boy bred by David and Gloria Dorward, Glen-Lakin Whistlejacket, who is sired by Ch Wistwin Just Whistle and out of Wistwin Glen-Lakin Fascination....all in the family!   Congratulations to the Dorwards!

October 12:

Another Best of Breed today for Susie, and another major toward the Grand Ch.  She now has 14 points, 3 majors, and all the required wins over another special, so it is just points needed from now on.

October 11:

NEW CHAMPION! Kirstie was WB, BW at Hanover KC in Wilmington, NC today to finish!  Her last 7 points were all from Bred By Exhibitor...in spite of my bum foot.   I am very proud.

And, Ch Wistwin Tickertape was BOB and GROUP 3 today in Ohio!  She earned another Major toward her Grand Championship.  Soooo excited for Susie!

September 20:

Very proud to announce that Kirstie (Wistwin Seychelle) was Best of Breed over Specials from the Bred By Exhibitor class today, in Chesapeake at the companion show to the Tidewater SSC specialty.  Judge was Charlotte Clem McGowan. It was a major.  I am thrilled.  Only one point to go!

August 17:

Biggest news of the month:   Pat Wallace and Surf completed his MACH!!!  It is now MACH Wistwin Surf's Up At Maui .     Huge congratulations to them!


Shalamar Wistwin Scrumptious just won her FOURTH specialty WB at the Evergreen SSC, so now has 12 points both majors.   and Ch Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet took Select Dog at both specialties so now needs only one point to complete his Grand Championship. 

Here at home it has been relatively quiet..enjoying the blue/tri litter by GCh Rosmoor Protocol out of Wistwin Shalamar Shameless.  Pick girl will be staying here...and named Wistwin Diadem.



May 2014:

Time has flown...Shalamar Wistwin Scrumptious now has 10 pts, both majors with THREE specialty WB (judges Patricia Skinner, Gayle Eads and Jo Virden)  and Ch Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet has probably 4 majors toward his Grand..have lost track and must  look it up!

April 6:

Exciting news from Suzi Beacham: Shalamar Wistwin Scrumptious won both Sweepstakes at the 2 specialties in Spokane, WA and also was Winners Bitch for a 5 pt major at the specialty on Sunday!

Sophie is by Ticker out of his granddaughter Wistwin Cerise, was bred by me and is owned by Suzi Beacham.  And at the same specialty, Ch Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet was Select Dog for his second major toward his Grand Championship.  Congrats to Suzi and to Lyn Leininger, his coowners. Both dogs were bred by Wistwin.   

April 1:

Here are a few of the puppies I am growing up from the winter litters:


    Ticker ex Dreamy:   "Baby"   and  "Lucky"                             Ticker ex Kiss:   "Palmer"


Girl and boy by Ch Sunaire Living The Dream ex Ch Wistwin Rejoice        

March 31, 2014

A whirlwind spring with several new litters, teenage puppies to grow out, and lots to do.  I do want to send special congratulations to Stephanie Spencer on her Ticker son's completion of his MACH this past weekend.. it is now MACH Wistwin Gotta Have Heart !!

January 6, 2014:

A new year and a long awaited litter:  7 puppies (5 m, 2 f) by Can Ch Laureate Inception and out of Susie (Ch Wistwin Tickertape ROM.)

December 21:

Am loving the Dreamy litter...especially "Baby"..  She will be Wistwin Daddy's Girl.  Eyes open now.

December 19:

Heirloom (Wistwin Family Silver) is now the proud and loving mom of two boys (a brilliant blue and a tricolor) sired by our Ireland Wistwin Magic Marker.

December 7:

Congratulations to Wistwin Glamour Shot and her owners Jimmy and Angela Hudson & Sherry Deeds, on taking 2 points at her first "real" show weekend.  She just turned 6 months old a few weeks ago, and right prior to that, was shown in the 4 to 6 class and took Best Puppy In Show!  Diva is off to a wonderful start on her show career!  Her sisters Cam (here) and Lucy (with Lyn Leininger) are proud of her.

December 6:

Wistwin Dreamsicle had her litter, 2 m and 2 f sired by Ticker.  Am hoping a boy will be a keeper, but so far my favorite is a really pretty little girl.  I do have a girl name in reserve.  Maybe I should have thought of a boy name too!

And congratulations to Teena Davis and Linda Nicholas, their Ticker daughter is now Ch Solange Wellington's Coquette..she finished today, giving Ticker his 14th Champion, and making her mom a ROM!

December 1:

Happy 16th Birthday to BRIANNA !! You will always be my special love.

November 14:

Huge congratulations to Susan Hays for finishing her boy Ch Wistwin Whistlestop today in Ohio!  This is the 40th champion for Wistwin, the first champion for his sire Ch Wistwin Just Whistle, and the 5th champion for his dam, making Wistwin Pretty Is a ROM!!  And Kiss presented me with 7 babies by Ticker today!

October 21:

Very proud of Ch Wistwin Tickertape..her first time out as a Special she was Select Bitch at the huge Triangle SSC of NC Specialty under Jo Virden for her first 5 pt major toward her Grand.  Proud, too, of the first place in puppy 6-9 for Wistwin Ireland Partly Sunny, daughter of Ch Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone, who is owned by Cay Ireland.  Wistwin dogs also won 2nd place in Open Sable Dogs and Bitches.  We all had a good time, and many thanks to friend Brenda Campbell from Ontario, who showed the dogs so beautifully.

September 29:

Awesome weekend for two of the Sunny ex Tessa kids in agility..at her first weekend of trialing, Aimee won her Jumpers title with three First Places!  And in a different trial, her brother Saban finished his Jumpers title as well, with a First Place!

And the Parrys finished the championship on their boy Paramount Heartbreaker, who is the first champion for his sire GCh Wistwin Shalamar Coeur d'Alene and his dam, the Ticker daughter GCh Paramount Dreams From The Heart.

September 26:


Bob Jordan and Annie finished her third MACh title today.. she is now MACH 3 Wistwin Anthem!!

Huge congratulations!

September 23:

New Canadian Champion..  Ch SpruceHollow Classic Tone (REO) finished this weekend and won the Puppy Group!  for his owner and cobreeder Kerry Nemet;  and his sister Meridan picked up two points.  Congratulations to Kerry and to Merida's other owner Louise Dowhan Bertouille!

August 17:

NEW CHAMPION!! It is now Ch Wistwin Golden Opportunity!   Slade finished with a four point major in Mississippi today...huge congratulations to his owners Tev and Scott Brannan!  A champion in just over 5 weeks, start to finish!   Slade is the first champ for his sire Ch Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone and his dam Wistwin Dominica.    

And in North Carolina, Wistwin Whistlestop was WD, BOS over Specials but it lacked one dog being a major..so, not yet finished..tomorrow is another day, crossing fingers and toes!

August 3:

A two-point win for Slade today in Louisiana).. he now has 7 points with a major!   And in Virginia, Susan Hays' boy Wistwin Whistlestop (Max) was WD two days in a row for 2 points each, bringing him up to 9 points.  Now he needs those majors!

July 28:

Slade was WD, BW both days this weekend for two more points!  Congratulations to Tev and Scott Brannan!  On a roll!!

July 10:

Yay... Wistwin Golden Opportunity ("Slade") won a major this past weekend in Texas.   He is just getting started on his conformation career.  Am so happy for his owners, Scott and Tev Brannan.  They are longtime agility competitors but new to the conformation side of things.  Very proud of Tev, who showed him in Winners!  Slade is from the first litter sired by Ch Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone, and is out of Wistwin Dominica (littermate to Wistwin Seychelle.)


June 7:

Congratulations to Suzi Beacham..  Her Ticker daughter Tessa won a specialty major yesterday at the Evergreen SSC show, and today at the second specialty Tessa was Best of Breed over Specials to finish her championship...she is now Ch Dan Dee Contessa.  She is Champion #12 for her sire Ticker. 

June 1:

His first time out as a special (moveup) Shea was Best of Breed and Group 3!!!

May 31:    A day I have long awaited... my very first homebred ROM...

Susie is a ROM

In Yakima, WA today Shea completed his championship, becoming Ch Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet

and making his mom Ch Wistwin Tickertape a ROM.  Susie is only 4 years old and achieved this from her first two litters.  I could not possibly be any more proud.     And so very happy for Lyn Leininger and Suzi Beacham who coown Shea!!! 

May 26:

Great weekend for Wistwin..in Spokane, WA yesterday, Ch Wistwin Shalamar Coeur d'Alene was Best of Breed in a large entry.  Today Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet was WD, BW for his fourth major..only one point to go!   and in Pennsylvania today, Emmylou won her last major in a lovely large entry of girls, making her new CHAMPION WISTWIN I DO DECLARE !   Congrats to her owner Suzanne Segal on this, her first Champion!  This is 4 champions for Emmylou's dam, Wistwin Pretty Is.

May 17:

Another point for Emmylou (Wistwin I Do Declare), bringing her up to 12 points, 1 major.

May 16:

Gwenivere had her babies..eight of them!  5 boys and 3 girls, by Ch Solange Tour De Force.

She did a wonderful job!

April 29:

Well, what can I say...    how about  Winners Dog at the 2013 ASSA National...

Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet



Bred by Wistwin

Coowned now by Susan Beacham & Lyn Leininger

Handled by Sondra Mauzy

and appreciated by lots of people this past week !!!

What a thrill this week was!   And Ticker made two cuts in Best of Breed, and a daughter of GCh Wistwin Equinox won the Novice Bitch class...and a son of Ch Wistwin In Neon won the Open Black Dog class.    WOW, what a week!   Heartfelt thanks to Suzi, Lyn and Sondra...and of course to judge Jo Virden for loving our boy!!

April 6:  GREAT NEWS!   Victor won a major today, and finished his championship.  It is now

Ch Wistwin Ilemist Invictus He belongs to Julie Desy and is the 4th champion for his dam Ch Wistwin Tickertape.....and, ......  his littermate, Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet ALSO won today, BW at the Greater Spokane SSC Specialty, giving him his second specialty major, handled by his coowner Lyn Leininger (coowned with Suzi Beacham.)   At the same show, grandpa Ticker was Select Dog.    What an awesome day!

Happy  Easter 

March 27:

Here is my pick boy from the litter by Ch Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone ex Wistwin Whistlebait:


Stevie, age 3 weeks                                        Stevie, age 9 weeks


February 11:

Very proud of our six month old tri boy Ireland Wistwin Magic Marker, who won his class at 3 of the 4 specialties in Virginia this weekend, and then was Reserve Winners Dog at one, in a nice 4 point entry. 

January 26:

More good news, this time from "Down Under"... GCh Ireland's Aviator (Chappie) who was cobred by Cay Ireland and myself, and now belongs to Debra Hill, just took a Best In Show in Australia!!  He is now the #1 Sheltie in Australia, Cay tells me.  So happy for his new owner and for Cay as well!

January 25:

Hooray...Sunny's younger brother Wistwin Ilemist Invictus got a 4 point major today, bringing him up to 13 pts!  Just one major needed to finish.   Victor belongs to Julie Desy, and she of course was showing him.  Big congrats to her, am not sure which of us was more excited!

January 24:

Wistwin Whistlebait (Sarah) had her babies by Ch Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone:  2 boys, 2 girls.  All are very strong and pretty.

January 19:

NEW CHAMPION Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone won back-to-back 4 point majors to finish his championship today.   He won 6 of his ten shows out with Julie Desy, finishing in just three weeks!

Sunny is AKC Champion #35 for Wistwin, and 31 of those were homebred.

January 13, 2013:

Sunny (Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone) has won his last four shows, bringing him up to 9 points, 1 major.   This is his second week out on the circuit.   He is much missed at home...get done soon, Sunny Boy!

Farewell to 2012, Welcome to 2013

December 6:                      GOOD NEWS!!!    NEW CHAMPION !!!  

Ch Wistwin Rejoice

Finished today in Illinois with a 4-point major (her third major!)  Thanks to Julie Desy for her wonderful presentation.  Three months from start to Finish.....I am thrilled!!!

December 1:

Lita (Norwood Love Spell) gave us two blue babies tonite (1 m, 1 f) by Ch Thunderhill's War Emblem. 

November 27:

A welcome email from Kerry Nemet (Sprucehollow) in Canada this morning: our coowned Bliss (Wistwin Bless Her Heart) has six new babies by Ch Brandina Carmylie Double Digit.

LATER:  Pictures of my favorites at 3 weeks:


November 11:

We showed Sunny just one day at TSSC of NC specialties weekend, and he was RWD in a 4 point entry.  We are also proud of the other Wistwin dogs who took 1st in their classes (Wistwin Violet Hill..all 4 classes;  Wistwin Whistlestop;  Wistwin Rejoice.  And those who had nice placings in very strong classes:  Wistwin Glen-Lakin Fascination, and Wistwin Candy Or Else.

November 5:

Congratulations to Beth Small, DVM for the 2 points her Wistwin Martinique won this weekend in Tennessee;  and to Susan Hays, whose Wistwin Whistlestop won 2 points by going Best of Breed in Pennsylvania this weekend.

November 4:

Ice (Wistwin Crystalline) had her litter...three girls (2 blue, 1 tricolor) by Norwood Know How.  Pretty babies, all doing fine so far.

October 28:

Wistwin I Do Declare won another two points today, bringing her up to 10 points, 1 major.  Congrats to Suzanne Segal, her coowner.

And Slade (Wistwin Goldstone) left today with his new owners, Tev and Scott Brannan of Plano, TX.  He will be doing both agility and conformation for them, and in typical Slade fashion, will have fun wherever he goes.

October 19:

Exciting phone call today while I was waiting in the airport to fly to California...Joy (Wistwin Rejoice) won a 4 point major today, so now she has both her majors!

October 13:


Welcome to Wistwin Islamorada!  She is our pick puppy from the Arctic ex Chatters litter.  Thanks to cobreeder Janet Eggenberger for doing the litter, and good luck with her blue sister.

October 11:

Ch Wistwin Shalamar Coeur d'Alene was Best of Breed today over a large entry at Boise, Idaho, picking up another major toward his Grand Ch.  And at the same show the Parrys' Ticker daughter Star was BOS, becoming GCh Paramount Dreams From The Heart, with six majors. To make it a family affair, Lane and Star's son Paramount Heartbreaker was RWD from the puppy class.  Congratulations to the Parrys and to Suzi!

October 2:

There is a new small black face at Wistwin.. Ireland Wistwin Magic Marker.  This little boy is 8 weeks old and came from Cay Ireland.  He is sired by GCH Jesstar Nirvana and his mom is Ireland's Belleek, who is out of Ch Wistwin Ireland Blue Willow and by Ch Suncrest Rhetoric.   

September 30:

Congratulations to Susan Hays, her boy Wistwin Whistlestop picked up his third point today.

September 22:

Great news from the Pennsylvania show today, Emmylou (Wistwin I Do Declare) won her first major, bringing her up to 8 points.   Congrats to her coowner Suzanne Segal!

September 17:

An exciting weekend for the Ticker daughter of the Parrys, Ch Paramount Dreams From The Heart.  Star was BB both days, and GROUP 1 on Sunday, at the Utah shows.  Congratulations!


September 9:

Wistwin Rejoice (Joy) won her first major today at the Iowa show... so excited!

September 5:

Congratulations to Cyndy Ermel and Laurie Bogaert on their daughter of GCh Wistwin Equinox, who just finished her Canadian championship with 2 BPIG and also two Group placements!  She is now Can Ch Cermel's Kiss Me Kate Bradshaw.

August 23:

We welcome into the world the latest puppy out of Ch Wistwin Tickertape..a little boy sired by Can Ch Laureate Inception.   So far, he is a real cutie!

August 11, 2012 - a red letter day..

It is now GCh Dan Dee One From The Heart ROM...with the finishing of Barbara Thompson and Suzi Beacham's Ch Barwoods Affair Of The Heart (going BB over Specials today, finishing with 4 specialty majors).    Congratulations to Barbara and Suzi on Farrah's championship.  Thanks to Suzi for coowning Ticker with me..  I have believed in this little dog ever since I first laid eyes on him, and for me this is a dream come true!   Ticker has had 5 champions finish in 2012, and there are 5 more major-pointed kids out there so far. 

July 16:

At the last of the Oregon specialties today, Lane was Select Dog, picking up his first major toward his Grand Championship, while daddy Johnny was Best of Breed.

July 15:

So excited..Shea (Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet) won Winners Dog at today's Oregon specialty for a major..he is now the 4th son of Ch Wistwin Tickertape to win a specialty major!  Congrats to Suzi Beacham and Lyn Leininger who coown him, especially to Lyn who handled him to the wins this weekend. 

And Barwoods Affair Of The Heart was WB, BW again for her fourth specialty major, bringing her up to 14 points.

July 14:

New AKC Champion ....Wistwin Shalamar Coeur D'Alene.   Lane finished today in Oregon with back-to-back Specialty majors!!!  Huge congrats to Suzi Beacham.  And yesterday Lane's younger brother Wistwin Shalamar Ricochet was Reserve WD to Lane..while Ricochet's littermate Wistwin Ilemist Invictus won a major Reserve elsewhere with Julie Desy.

And, Ticker's daughter Barwoods Affair Of The Heart was WB at the same Oregon specialty today where Lane finished, winning her third major. bringing her total to 11 points.

July 6:

Congrats to Sheri Blake, whose boy Wistwin No Tricks won his first 2 points today from the 6-9 Puppy Dog class in Maryland!

July 1:

Wistwin Ilemist Invictus won another point today, so he is officially minored out!  Congratulations, Julie!  

June 30:

New UKC Champion...Wistwin Shalamar Coeur D'Alene shown by owner Suzi Beacham, finished his UKC title today with a Group 1.

June 24:

Ticker has his 9th AKC Champion....that is 4 Champions to finish in the past 5 weeks!

This time it was Ch Mistybrook's Heart Throb (Brad) coowned by Annie Oster and Jan Williams, and shown to this win by Annie, who is a Junior Handler.   Huge congrats!!!!

June 17:

Another point for Wistwin I Do Declare.. Congrats, Suzanne!

June 10:

Wistwin Ilemist Invictus was WD/BOS both days this weekend in Ohio for four more points, bringing him up to 8 so far.  Congrats to owner Julie Desy, (who is also his handler, naturally!)

And Ticker has his 8th champion..  Ch Lanstarr Triumph Be My Valentine.   Val is coowned by Eileen Lanser and Nadine Iroff.   Huge congratulations to all!  Not to be outdone, Val's older brother, the Ticker son GCh Lanstarr Squire Talfryn O'Boyle, completed his Bronze Grand Championship, and took a GROUP 1. Fantastic win!

June 2:

Another kid of Wistwin Pretty Is gets his first point this weekend:  Wistwin Whistlestop, sired by Ch Wistwin Just Whistle, was WD today in Charlottesville VA, owner handled by Susan Hays.  Congratulations!

June 1:

Wistwin I Do Declare (Emmylou) was WB today for her first point.   Emmylou is coowned with Suzanne Segal, and is by Ch Starphire Tell It Like It Is out of Wistwin Pretty Is.

May 25:

Ticker has his 7th champion!   Congratulations to Eileen Lanser, whose Ticker daughter is now Ch Lanstarr Sweet Painted Lady..she finished with a major win today.

May 19: 

Lots has been happening..two litters have come and mostly gone, into wonderful homes, three to serious agility folks, and one to a show home.   We are keeping one girl here from the Bliss-Darren litter.  Ticker has his 6th champion. Ch Solange Curb Appeal!  Congratulations to owner Yvonne Samuelson and breeder Linda Nicholas! Another Ticker kid, Barwoods Affair Of The Heart, now has 8 points both majors including a big 5 point specialty win...congrats to Barbara Thompson and Suzi Beacham!

Wistwin Ilemist Invictus now has four points..congrats to owner Julie Desy.

There have been UKC Best In Puppy Shows for the Gwen-Whistler kids of the Parrys and of Sheri Blake's.  And a very young Ticker son of Kelly Clark's also... so much going on in UKC it's hard to keep up with!

March 24 again...big brag for Wistwin and Accent:

Quinn completed his AKC Grand Championship today with a 3 pt major..he is now

Am GCh/Can Ch/UKC Ch Wistwin Equinox!   Congratulations to Nancy and thanks for making it happen!

March 16: 

Congrats to Eileen Lanser on her Ticker daughter Lanstarr Sweet Painted Lady winning a specialty major at SSC of Baltimore!  Sage needs just one major to finish, and her younger sister needs just a single point!

March 16:

Catching our breath after going to the ASSA National.. All 3 puppies (Cerise, Dreamy and Viktor) made the cut in their 6-9 class, and their mom Ch Wistwin Tickertape took 4th in Brood Bitch.  It was a treat to see old friends and some lovely dogs.

Susie, Cerise and Dreamy


                                   Cerise                                                      Dreamy


February 26:

And from the other side of the country, the brother to Trevor, owned by Doug and Pamela Parry, also took back to back BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at his first UKC shows!  His name is Wistwin Ghostrider (Boo).  Photos soon, I hope.

February 19:

Congratulations to Sheri Blake!  Her 4 month old puppy Wistwin No Tricks (from the Halloween litter by Ch Wistwin Just Whistle ex Wistwin Gwenivere) went to his first UKC shows this weekend, and won back-to-back BEST PUPPY IN SHOW .  So proud of Trevor and happy for Sheri.

February 18:

The two blue babies from Wistwin Rejoice's litter by Ch Laureate Cold Play.  Boy on right, girl on left

January 30:

Photos at 9.5 weeks of the Sunny-Haley puppies.  Congrats to Barbara Thompson, who now coowns Bellal from this litter.


                                                Bella                                                                           Wistwin Sun Kissed --  Kissy


                                             Trent                                                                                                          Slade

January 26, 2012

Wistwin Rejoice had her babies by Ch Laureate Cold Play today..six of them.  Two tri males, two tri females, 1 blue male, 1 blue female.  All doing great!

January 23, 2012

And as a new year begins.. the puppies by Ch Wistwin Just Whistle ex Wistwin Gwenivere are turning out very pretty.   Doug and Pam Parry (Paramount) now own a boy, and so does Sheri Blake (Windy Creek), while the girl is staying here and is named Wistwin Candy Or Else (sticking with the Halloween theme.)

Am also really happy with the first litter of Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone, out of my Brianna daughter Wistwin Dominica.  There are three that look like show hopefuls at eight weeks.   Here's a photo of the pick boy and girl:

Also, congratulations to Janet Eggenberger of Clinton, Illinois, who is now the proud owner of Ch Wistwin Answer Man.  Watch for Rex at the shows with Janet's daughter Allison.


December 17:

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Janet Whalen!!!  Her beautiful bitch finished today, she is now

Ch Wistwin Soleil !!  Am so happy for Janet !  Sunny is champion #32 for Wistwin, and the 6th to finish this year.

December 9:

Gwenivere's babies by Whistler are 5 1/2 weeks old..here's pictures of the three show prospects:

                 Boy                                         Boy                                   Girl

December 1:   A red letter day...

CHAMPION #31 FOR WISTWIN!!  Huge congrats to Linda Nicolas on finishing Lana's championship, it is now Ch Wistwin Solange Glamour Girl.  


November 14:

A fun weekend at our TSSC specialties..lots of fun with Suzi and Nancy..and huge thanks to them for grooming and showing my dogs.  Sunny and Sarah were shown just on Sunday, and both went Reserve from the 12-18 month classes.

           Wistwin Whistlebait  (Sarah)  ~  RWB                                         Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone  ~  RWD


Brianna had a good time showing in Veterans at almost 14 years old.

Ch Braelyn Sunaire Vin Rose'  in Veterans



Wistwin Whistlestop (Max) Sarah's brother, is coming along well and learning to be a showdog.

He is by Ch Wistwin Just Whistle, out of Wistwin Pretty Is, and is owned by Susan Hays.

November 5:

More good news from Virginia Beach.. it is now Ch Wistwin Cataway Snow Angel.   Angel, who is coowned with Patty Page and out of Wistwin Tip Of The Iceberg, won a major today to finish!  And Wistwin Gwenivere's son (see Oct 31 post) Sunway Big Country crossed over for the major also, making it his 4th point.   Bred by Sunway, owned by Roe George.

November 4:

Happy day.. Sunny (Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone) was Best of Winners today for a 3-pt major, at the SSC of Tidewater, under judge Yvonne Samuelson.  This was just his fourth show, counting the National.   Am very excited!

October 29:

Great news..Rex just won that last major and finished his championship!   Thanks to Denise Hines for getting that last major in just two shows.   And to Terry Jennings for putting on all his minors.  It is now Ch Wistwin Answer Man !

October 16:

Max came for a visit...am really happy with the way he is maturing.

Wistwin Whistlestop -  "Max"

and the repeat breeding born 9/13/11 are now almost five weeks old..here is my favorite, a boy:


Wistwin Bronzage

October 7:

Quinn finished his Canadian championship today..so at the age of 12 months he has all three championships...he is now Am/Can/UKC Ch Wistwin Equinox!

Congrats to breederEileen Lanser and the owners of the 2 Ticker littermates..the girl is now Ch Lanstarr Glen-Lakin Temptation, 5th champion for Ticker..and the boy GCh Lanstarr Squire Talfryn o'Boyle took a GROUP 1 !!!

September 26:

 7 week old photos of the Susie (Ch Wistwin Tickertape) babies




September 12:

Am/UKC Ch Wistwin Equinox now has 8 points toward his Canadian championship.  He was WD, BW at all three of his first Canadian shows this weekend, and also got a Puppy Group 1. 

August 12:

Congrats to Linda Nicholas, her blue Wistwin Solange Glamour Girl was WB today, that makes 13 points for Lana, only 2 singles to go!   Starlet's other daughter MACH 2 Wistwin Anthem had a QQ  today, her third this month!  Congratulations to owner/handler Bob Jordan.

August 6:

WELL....!!!  It is now Champion Wistwin Equinox!  Quinn finished his championship today and we are all smiling very widely!   Ten months old!  What an exciting baby he has been!  And his brother Lane has four points, too!

July 17:

Wistwin Shalamar Coeur d'Alene (Lane) was handled by owner Suzi Beacham to a Best in Sweeps at the Emerald Empire SSC.

July 16:

Once again, Quinn was Winners Dog for another 4 point major, at the second PNWSSC specialty.  He now has 12 points both majors!   He was also Runner Up in Sweeps.

July 15:

Today at Pacific Northwest SSC Specialty, Quinn was Best in Sweeps, and Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best Opposite Sex over Specials for a 4 point major!   And Lane was second in both of the classes to his brother Quinn.   Congrats to Nancy and Suzi both!  That gives Quinn 8 points now.

July 4:

Things have happened so quickly with "The boyz"..their first weekend of showing at the UKC shows (Lane in Utah and Quinn in Washington)  Lane took 2 WD/BB and 2 Group 2's, and Quinn completed his UKC Championship, with 6 BB, 2 Group 2's, 4 Group 1's, a Reserve Best In Show, and a Best In Show!     CELEBRATION!!! 

June 25:

Congratulations to Bob Jordan and Annie on achieving her MACh 2 today!!!  Hurray!!!  It is now

MACh 2 Wistwin Anthem !  Just in time for her birthday...Annie was born on the 4th of July.

June 19:

At the allbreed shows in Idaho, it was Reserve week for Lane and Quinn..two RWD for Lane (one was a 5 pt major) and one 5 pt major RWD for Quinn. 

June 12:    

It is now Champion Wistwin Tickertape!  Susie went BW both days this weekend to finish!  Huge thanks to Julie Desy..and it was just in time since Susie is in season and will be bred this next week.

June 10: 

At the Evergreen SSC Specialties these last 2 days, Susie's sons Quinn and Lane (Wistwin Shalamar Coeur d'Alene) had these wonderful wins, all owner-handled:

      Quinn:  Best in Sweeps both days (judges Tray Pittman and Barbara Aulbach)

                   Reserve Winners Dog both days (judges Debra Nordby and Jo Virden)

      Lane:   2nd in class to his brother on Thursday

                  Runner Up in Sweeps on Friday

          AND:  Winners Dog!   Congrats to owner/handler Suzi Beacham! Lane now has 4 pts.

June 5:

Susie went WB both shows in Ohio and now has 13 points..getting close now!

And her son Wistwin Equinox "Quinn" took another 2 points out in Yakima!  Thanks to modern technology, here already is the photo of Quinn:

June 1:

New photo of the pick Tessa/Whistler girl, who will be joining her cousin Quinn at Accent Shelties next week.             

May 30:

Am thrilled to summarize Wistwin Tickertape's Memorial Day weekend:  She was Winners Bitch 3 of the 4 shows (and RWB at the other) to pick up a 4-pt and 3 pt major, as well as 2 minor points.  She now has 11 points, both majors in only 1 month of showing.  Huge thanks to Julie Desy for presenting her so beautifully!

May 21:

Exciting news from Nancy Bullat (Accent) -  She took Quinn (Wistwin Equinox) to his first 2 shows after the National, and he was Best of Breed at both, and then GROUP 3 at the second one! We are thrilled as he is only 8 months old, and these wins were owner-handled!

May 8:

Our Fair-Whistler boy, Wistwin Whistlestop, goes to his new show home today, with Susan Hays in Virginia.  


Wistwn Whistlestop -  15 wks

May 1:

Wistwin Tickertape, mom of the 3 boys below, just started her serious show career with back to back WB for her first two points! 

April 27:

What a wonderful time we had at the National!  A week with dear friends, and some great wins!

1-2-3 in Puppy Sable Dogs 6-9, then the boys were in with mom Tickertape and won the Brood Bitch Class. She also made the cut in the huge Open Sable Bitch class.  Her dad Ticker was 2nd in Stud Dog class, while dad Johnny was 1st..and Ticker finished off the great week by getting an Award Of Merit.  Also Wistwin Rejoice was 4th in 12-18 AOAC, and Cataway Wistwin Snow Angel was 2nd in Bred By.   Here's a couple of pictures....we took total family photos later in the week and we can't wait to see them!

Wistwin Shalamar Coeur d'Alene,  Wistwin Equinox,  and Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone

1st, 2nd and 3rd - Puppy Sable Dogs 6-9 mos


Wistwin Tickertape -    1st, Brood Bitch Class


Wistwin Rejoice - "Joy" - 4th, 12-18 Bitch

April 9:

Congrats to Suzi Beacham, our coowned boy Wistwin Shalamar Coeur d'Alene went to his first show today and was Runner Up in Sweeps, then took a 4-pt major reserve, at the Greater Spokane SSC under David Calderwood.  We are very proud!  Lane is littermate to Sunny, and to Nancy Bullat's Quinn. 

February 24:

Dan Dee Contessa has three new babies by Whistler..2 m and 1 f.  We are thrilled!   When she is done with her mommy duties, and has her new clothes, she will be back in the ring looking for those last points to finish.

February 8:

Puff has four new babies by Norwood Know How:  2 blue girls, 1 blue boy, and 1 tri girl.  The colors are really pretty.

Here are the two pick girls at 8 weeks old:


"Heirloom"                                                         "Chatters"


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